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How is Mommy Time-Out addressing what we see as an under-estimated epidemic of mothers placing themselves last in the hierarchy of their time, love and energy?

Public education, organized religion and social norms dictate and encourage mothers to give every ounce of themselves to others, leaving themselves the crumbs (if any are left) at the end of the day – hardly enough to recharge and restore herself, and if she doesn’t put everyone else first, she has been taught by our society to feel guilty.

 We at MTO are addressing this by:

Creating an online community (Facebook, Twitter & Blog) of like-minded people to lend support and understanding to one another and help validate each woman as she feels she needs a Time-Out.

Offering tools and products that support moms when taking regular MTO, including:

Forms to help Moms organize their time and life and MTO “Coupons” (currently downloadable FREE from the website).

A simple, hardbound book with beautiful photography Mommy Time-Out Means Mommy Can… (available on website) , which was created to help moms remember to take time for themselves and some easy, inexpensive ideas for taking effective MTOs. We hope it will serve as a reminder for Moms to repeatedly return to their commitment to themselves, encouraging them to take regular time for themselves.

(coming soon) Video interviews with experts in the field of family therapy, women’s health, and real moms who make MTOs work!

(coming soon) Phone app to give reminders and help moms take regular MTOs.

(Coming soon) Workshops where women learn how to give themselves permission for this essential gift that benefits them and their families and help them identify what best nourishes them, resulting in an effective time out.

How can women get access to our support and become part of the Mommy Time-Out Movement?  

You’re doing it!  Feel free to leave us a comment below or send us a message on Facebook and/or Twitter!

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