The ‘Time’ In Mommy Time-Out

Find those nuggets of time and get the most out of them!

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When we mention to some of the moms we’ve spoken to that taking a weekly MTO is great, but more would be even better, they look at us like we are crazy, or at the very least that we must not have children.

Well, believe me when I say, I totally get their incredulity.  It’s difficult enough to find a sitter once a week, arrange schedules, etc., but twice, or more?!?

The great thing about Mommy Time-Outs is how much control you have over them.  Not all of them have to be out of the house, for instance, much less three hours long.  When the kids go to bed at night, instead of using that time to wash dishes, iron or fold clothes, put all of that on hold and just sit and watch your favorite TV show, or play a video game.  What about that novel you started, or the acrylics in your closet next to that blank canvas?

There are a lot more opportunities than you think when you can take time for yourself to regroup and rest mentally, spiritually and physically.

This past week my dear mom friends invited me out for a Mommy Time-Out at a local restaurant.  Now, I’d already had my MTO for the week when I took myself to a movie, but I really wanted to go and hang out with my girlfriends.  Unfortunately the day of I came down with a bad cold and ended up not going.

But that was okay because the very next day, since I was sick, my husband took our two girls to a birthday party while I stayed home with the baby, and lo and behold, she went down for a nap as soon as they left!  Praise be!  So I took my extra MTO and had a much needed nap.  When the baby woke, I woke and when the girls came home I was feeling much better all the way around.

So do your best to find those little nuggets of time, and instead of cramming them with errands and chores, take a break and enjoy yourself.  You and your family will be glad you did!

Did you have any unplanned opportunities this past week for an extra MTO? Tell us about it, we love hearing from you!

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