The Dust Has Finally Settled

I mentioned in the past that I am a newly wed. I’ve been married almost 2 months now. I came into the marriage with two girls and my husband, Daniel, has two children. We became a blended family.

I have to admit that transition has been great because the children were around each other while Daniel and I were dating.  In the span of two months we got married, went on our honeymoon, got through the holidays, moved in to Daniel’s place and painted four rooms from the previous place I was living.  We also opened a restaurant and managed to spend quality time with our children, friends and family.

Image courtesy of Jomphong /

Image courtesy of Jomphong /

I look back at these months and can honestly say that, despite the craziness, I have enjoyed everything we have accomplished. We have had a lot of support from our friends and family. Our children are all awesome and are well behaved and respectful, that has been a plus.

I am not super mom so I would be lying if I told you everything went smoothly.  I still have a few boxes in the garage from my move into my new home.  My new home is about 80% organized and I need to tie up a few loose ends with a few others things. We did hit some other obstacles but we were able to overcome them by accepting that some things are just out of our control. You do what you can and by stressing or worrying about it doesn’t change the situation.  All in all, I am so grateful the madness has finally settled down.

The biggest reason I am so ‘zen’ about all of it is that at the beginning of every week, as I map out my schedule, I make sure my Mommy Time-Out is on my planner. I have made it a point to take my Mommy Time-Out at least once a week. One week I went to a coffee shop and read a book about blended families, another week I had lunch with a close friend, a few days later I called my best friend in LA and talked for an hour. The whole time we talked, laughed and shared our struggles.  I love all my girlfriends, they give me a good balance because they also have the same struggles I do.

I made sure I took care of myself every week so that I was sane for all my loved ones.

I can’t complain about anything because I feel so blessed that I have received so much.  I count my blessing and I am grateful for all the challenges and opportunities I have been given to grow. My favorite quote sums it up for me:

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human adventure.”  - Pierre Telihard de Chardi.

How are you planning your week? Are you making sure your Mommy Time- Out is penciled in your planner?


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