Moms Helping Moms

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Image courtesy of Craftyjoe at

I have a very good friend named Sally who become a parent all over again because her son and daughter-in-law could not get their life together.  I ran into her while I was grocery shopping and she looked very tired and overwhelmed.  She caught me up on what had happened in the last year of her life.  Sally said her grandson came to live with her when he was two weeks old.   She told me she felt she was not prepared to take on the responsibility but she also knew this was the right thing to do.

She admitted to me that she had forgotten how much work it was taking care of an infant, from changing diapers to feeding at all hours of the night. I asked her who was helping her or at least giving her a break once in a while?  She said she has nobody, it is only her.

I offered my services and told her I had two daughters that would be great company for her grandson.  She could drop off the baby for 6 hours while she went and had a Time-Out for herself.  She was in tears, “You would do that for me?”  Absolutely, I told her, anything I can do to help.

Sally said there was only one problem – she had no idea what to do with herself for 6 hours.  I can help with that, too, I told her.  I then called my friend, Cindy, who is a masseuse and asked if she were willing to give a free message to a friend that was in desperate need.  Cindy readily agreed and plans were made.

When she came to pick up her grandson later that day, Sally was so encouraged that now she is taking her MTO’s on a weekly basis.  She saw the importance of it and how good it made her feel to take care of herself and in doing so she could be a better parent.  Mommy Time-Out in action!

What friend or family member do you feel needs an MTO and how can you offer your services?

Fight The Good Fight

I celebrated my birthday in August and was given two gift certificates, one for an hour massage and facial and the other for a pedicure.  And I almost didn’t use them!  You see, I was saving them for an emergency MTO, and last week I decided to use my massage & facial certificates at Lola’s Signature Touch.  But everything in me was tempted to cancel on her!

Weird, but true.  I didn’t have to spend the money – they were gifts.  I obviously had the time because I made the appointment, and the kids were taken care of – a playdate with friends.  So what was my problem??  I started to think of the loads of laundry I had to do, the groceries I needed to buy, the time away from my girls…But I stood firm, grabbed my keys, got in my car and just headed to Lola’s. And wow am I glad I did!

She first started with the massage – it was so awesome!  Lola worked out every knot I had in my back.  An hour turned into 2 hours.  She gave me extra time without charging me extra, saying my body really needed it.  Lola is also a mother and knows how the hustle and bustle mothers go through on a daily basis to run the home can stress the body.  I am glad I had Lola to take my MTO with, when I was falling apart and had nothing else to give. I left feeling great and feeling beautiful.  My soul and physical appearance were renewed once again.

More than anything, I am glad I just literally forced myself to go.  I had to ignore those negative, nagging thoughts and remind myself that more than clean clothes and cookies, my girls needed their mother centered and relaxed.  Taking care of me first better equips me to take better care of them.

Thanks Lola!