Love Thy Spouse As Thyself

Showing love for your spouse comes in many forms.  It can be the obvious – gifts, massages, the occasional card – or the less obvious, such as letting him/her have their “me-time” by escaping into their ‘cave’, their video game, a beer with friends, etc.

Then there is that third way, the way not many of us are aware of until it’s too late.  It’s in how we take care of ourselves.  Keeping ourselves attractive, healthy, and mentally and spiritually balanced, instead of constantly tired and irritable.

I used to think my husband should take me however I am, and yet I had a double standard. I still wanted him to take care of himself, not let himself go, stay attractive, and be healthy so he could live to watch our children get married.  And yet I didn’t have the same requirement for myself.

But when I stop caring about how I look or how healthy I am, isn’t that a reflection on how I feel about us as a couple, or him as my husband?  I think it is.  I think it means I am taking him for granted, assuming he will always find me attractive no matter what (my husband says he finds me attractive at times when I don’t, and proves it constantly! How’d I get to be so lucky??)

But even still, I shouldn’t take our relationship for granted, and I shouldn’t assume my good health will hold out as I do nothing to pursue a better way of eating and living.  I do love my husband.  He’s my best friend, my partner, my most honest (and kindest) critic, and someone I definitely don’t want to take for granted.

So this begs the question: exactly when am I supposed to pursue these goals?  Well, my Mommy Time-Out of course!

So to show my love for him this year, I will re-enforce my commitment to take regular Mommy Time-Outs that will feed my mind, body and soul, because the more I love myself, the more I am showing him how very much I love him!