My First Mommy Time-Out

Me and my girls, Sofia (8) and Katie (6)

Me and my girls, Sofia (8) and Katie (6)

Before I became pregnant with my first child, no one told me that I was a mother the moment I found out I was pregnant. But that is exactly when all the worrying began for me.

In my 1st trimester I was told by doctors that my pregnancy was not “viable” and that I would likely miscarry.  They did not know what day exactly but they knew I would not get past my 2nd trimester. I cried more than I can remember in my life – the first three months of my pregnancy were the most stressful of my life. My heart and hopes were broken and I could barely get out of bed and get through a normal day.

The 2nd trimester came and there was no miscarriage, and the doctors could not explain why.  By that point, I had heard all the bad statistics and the worst news, including her being born having down syndrome,or a degenerative disease, if I didn’t miscarry before then.  The stress and the sadness continued to build until one day I made a conscious decision that I would ignore everything I was being told.  I decided that my baby would make it to full term and that I would love her no matter her condition. It was important to me that I not allow the stress I was feeling to affect the child growing inside of me, and that’s when I started taking my Mommy Time-Outs.

I bought myself maternity clothes, treated myself to manicures and pedicures and changed my eating habits. I pampered myself and enjoyed my baby moving in my stomach. I enjoyed every minute of my pregnancy and felt so beautiful and radiant. I had at least three Mommy Time-Outs a week. I was so good to myself and my baby.

My daughter was born healthy at 36 weeks and I was able to bring her home after two days. I am proud to write that my daughter, Sofia, is now 8 years old. She is in the top 5 students in her 2nd grade class. She makes my heart so happy when I think of what a miracle and blessing she is in my life. It has been 9 years and another little girl born, Katie (now 6), since I started my MTOs. I have had my share of challenges in being consistent, but I continue to take my Time-Outs, no matter how difficult my daily challenges are.

Even before they are born, our children are affected by how we feel, what “condition” we are in.  No one told me it started so soon, but I am here to tell you that it does.  I can’t explain why or how Sofia defied the odds any more than the doctors can, except to say it was a miracle. And I am sure that de-stressing and taking care of myself helped in some small (or big?) way. Taking care of ourselves IS taking care of our children.  And I can’t think of a better reason to have a Mommy Time-Out than that!

When did you first start taking your Mommy Time-Outs? What obstacles get in your way sometimes in trying to take one? Please comment below – we want to hear from you!