Renew Your Soul

Tree Relax300 CMYKThe soul.  Elusive yet obvious.  Like the wind, you don’t see it, but you see the effects of it, and that’s how you know it’s there.  I can tell when my soul needs some renewing, a bit of polishing.  Some loving attention so that my mind and body all work in harmony with it and I feel centered, balanced, whole.

When I miss my Mommy Time-Out, I feel my soul getting a little dull, yearning for attention from me.  So I take my Time-Out and do something to get back in touch with me, with my soul.  Some things are a means to an end, like exercising, writing, going to a movie.  And some things I do are more direct.  Sometimes my Mommy Time-Out is a time when I can just be still and listen – to the noises around me, the people I come in contact with, my inner voice.  I am brought back into the present moment.  I stop thinking (or caring) about what I have to do tomorrow, or what I wish I had or had not done last week.

When I come back to my family after a MTO like that, I see my daughters differently.  I see them as the five and three year olds that they are, and not the self-sufficient young adults I sometimes wish they were when things get hectic.  And I can then enjoy their childhood, that fleeting time of their lives I will never get back.  And when I sit and enjoy their childishness, and soak it in, literally, my soul is fed, all over again.  It’s the gift that keeps on giving.  And I am redefined.

Do you ever feel like your soul could use some renewing?  How do you do it?  How are you afterwards?

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