Renew Your Mind

Find a peaceful place to renew your mind.

Find a peaceful place to renew your mind.

It’s Spring now, a time of renewal and rebirth.  What a great time to start thinking about how we as moms can renew ourselves – mind, body and soul.

As for me, I have promised myself that part of my MTOs this month will be about renewing myself in each of those areas, starting with my mind, because if my mind isn’t in shape, my body & soul will suffer for sure.

 At the end of the day, I feel so mentally beaten by my job, carpooling my children around town, homework, bills, meals, baths…that I ask myself, am I doing what I need to on my MTOs so I don’t feel so worn down mentally? 

To that end, one of the things I did some time ago was gain control over my schedule.  For example, I work 12 hour shifts 3 days a week with 4 days off.  My first day off I do all my grocery shopping, preparing meals for the week, laundry and doctor appointments.  It might seem like a lot to do but I feel more organized and my mind is at ease  knowing I have 3 other days to focus on my daughters’ after school activities, homework, quality time with them, and having my Mommy Time-Outs.

When I’m on my MTO, I can feel my mind being refreshed and renewed.  It is strengthened so that when I am going about the rest of my week’s activities, I can better control how I react and think about people and things.  For one thing, and the most important, my patience with my children is greatly increased.  I’m not so quick to fly off the handle as I am when I am overdue for a MTO.  If a day starts going south, I start thinking positively.  If I come across difficult people, I can handle them in a more positive way, maybe ask myself “are they going through some difficulty in their life and they just need someone to give them some latitude?”  Or, if they are too far gone, I just run the opposite way!  I choose not to have negative energy in my life and the life of my children.  

 So as you take your MTOs this month, think about maybe making one of them a quiet time.  Perhaps you can sit under a beautiful tree in the park, let the day go and renew your mind.

How do you plan to renew your mind this week on your Mommy Time-out?

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