Renew Your Commitment to Yourself

MTO_0031I remember as a young woman knowing exactly what I wanted for my life. I would never get married, definitely NEVER have children, and would be a successful high-powered executive with her own warehouse loft decorated a la Miami Vice (yes, I’ve just dated myself!)

Flash forward two marriages and three kids later, this SAHM is the furthest thing from being a high powered executive (and quite frankly is very fine with that), and this beautiful, messy, loud, crazy house is no Miami Vice set!

While I am glad that Life had other, better plans for me, the one thing I do miss about that young woman is her narcissistic level of commitment to herself.  Now obviously, I don’t want to be THAT self-involved, because my husband and my children will always, hands down, no argument, be my priority in my life.

That being said, there must be a balance to be struck, don’t you think?  Where we, the nurturers of others can get back to nurturing ourselves as well.

Rediscovering how to recommit to ourselves is a high hurdle, sometimes because we haven’t done it in so long, sometimes because of guilt, and of course, time (or lack of).

However, in rediscovering that guiltless, focused part of ourselves it is inevitable, in my humble estimation, that regular Time-Outs will follow.  And when that happens, we will become better mothers, because we will feel better, look better, and be better.  Yes, all this from regular MTOs!

Can you recommit to yourself that you will start caring for yourself as much as you do your family, simply so you can be more present and calm for them? What is making this recommitment difficult for you?

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