Pretty Feet

Last week, I used my second gift certificate to get a pedicure for my MTO.  I bought beautiful red nail polish on my last grocery trip, arranged a playdate for my daughter, and, remembering how much I got from my massage and facial last week, was determined that nothing was going to stop me!  But then, it happened.

My daughter BEGGED me to let her come along.  And I was tempted.  Those big brown eyes, pleading, and when’s the last time we had mommy/daughter time?

As much as I love my daughter and the quality time we share, I had to have my MTO by myself.  There is no way I could have fallen asleep (which I did!) if she was there, and likely I would have rushed through the appointment instead of enjoying the massage chair and incredible pedicure I received.  When I picked her up, I was balanced, happy & rested.  And, I think, in the long run she benefited more from that than having her toes done.

What do you think?

One comment on “Pretty Feet

  1. YES! How brave you were to stay focused on the purpose for the pedicure. Yes, you also got “pretty feet”; but, that really wasn’t at the core of why you made that appointment, was it? How easily we are sidetracked (especially, by our loved ones – especially, the ones with the big brown eyes!) to sacrifice our original intention to care for ourselves. I tell parents that, the primary mission of a child is to master his/her environment. Hate to break it to you precious parents; but, guess what? You are the biggest part of their environment! Because they don’t have to cook, clean, drive, pay bills (worry about paying bills), laundry, etc. they get to put their energy elsewhere. They get to draw on their unobstructed brilliance (and what seems like unlimited energy) to master their environment. Their environment? This means, you, your spouse, their siblings, their teachers, their babysitters, their friends and classmates, the dog, that heavy object, a bicycle, a skooter, skates…you get the idea. All of their unlimited energy goes into mastery.

    So, I see it this way…for you to stay on task and have that pedicure that was meant only for you, by yourself, was a monumental accomplishment on your part. Feel successful, because you just held your own against a master!

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