No Birthday? No Mommy Time-Out!

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Wait, what?!

Isn’t it interesting how we can tell ourselves we are taking our Time-Out on special occasions such our birthday, Mother’s Day, an anniversary or a holiday and yet we are still mothers the rest of the days of the year as well?

I fall in to this trap, too (old habits are hard to break!). For some reason, my birthday and Mother’s Day are the times I feel when I am entitled to a Time-Out the most and make sure my MTO happens. Don’t get me wrong, I have learned to take a MTO every week at least once a week, yet my guilt is far less at those special times.

I think about this now because I recently celebrated my birthday and told myself I would spend the whole day by myself and really enjoy my day – and I didn’t feel guilty giving myself an entire day, either!  Well, the day did not go as planned so I did not get to have my Time-Out until that evening, but that was okay, because I still got to go out to dinner with an old friend and had an incredible time laughing, eating and enjoying an adult conversation.  It didn’t end there, either. I was given beautiful gifts, cards, flowers and gifts cards throughout the week from friends and family.  I feel so blessed to have lived another year full of love, health and closed to my love ones.

My point is, why don’t I treat myself that way throughout the year?  As if a yearly or bi-yearly Mommy Time-Out would be enough to recenter my psyche and relax my body and mind from a year’s worth of mommy craziness!

That’s why we believe and encourage regular, consistent Mommy Time-Outs.  Treat yourself to some me-time throughout the year and when those special times come along, then give yourself a little extra, but don’t stop!  We are, and will be, mothers every day for the rest of our lives, with all the stress, guilt, worry, joy, pain, work, and love that goes along with it.  So let’s not just take care of ourselves once or twice a year!

When are you most likely to treat yourself to a Mommy Time-Out?  Has it been hard for you to take a weekly Time-Out?  Why or why not?  Please let us know, we love hearing from you!

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