My MTO At MomCom 2014!

MomCom 2014I mentioned last week that I would be spending my Mommy Time-Out this weekend at MomCom 2014, right here in Austin, TX – and WOW was I glad I did! Because I almost didn’t…

Let me back up a bit first, though.  It was a very busy, crazy and tiring week. Since Christmas Break my three girls have been taking turns being sick, and last week it was the baby.  Loss of sleep – check!

My day job workload doubled this week because I had to play catch up on a project, we received two unexpected bills, and dealing with some legal issues that I won’t go into, but suffice to say, just plain pisses me off.  Increased stress – check!

Now, as a one car family, for me to take the car for a day and a half is no easy feat. Plus the girls had a birthday party to go to on the day of the convention, and our baby being sick, couldn’t go to the party. Sooo…how does that work?

To top it all off, we get a crazy snow/sleet/ice storm that rarely hits out here, so school is cancelled, trash is cancelled, basically the city shuts down.

All of these growing reasons started to make me think I shouldn’t go. It was too much trouble for everyone, I was tired, stressed, and really just wanted to plant my butt on the couch Friday and Saturday night and veg.

But the tickets were paid for, and I was still curious what it was all about.  More than anything, I wanted to spread the word about Mommy Time-Out.  So, okay, maybe it wouldn’t end up being a MTO, more work and inconvenience than if I just stayed home to watch a movie, but, taking my own advice, I didn’t listen to that voice inside of me that tells me all the reasons I shouldn’t take a MTO, and I decided to make it work.

In comes my mom to save the day.  She lends me her car, spends the night so I can leave at 7am Saturday morning, and watches the baby so my husband can take the two oldest to the birthday party.

I did decide to stay home Friday, I will admit, but only because of the roads. Had they not been so icy and questionable for my drive home, I would have gone – and I did miss going.

When I finally did arrive Saturday morning, I was immediately struck by how organized the convention was. The hotel – The Westin Austin at the Domain – was beautiful. Everyone at the hotel and running the convention was very warm, inviting and kind. And then there were the speakers

Heather Schuck impressed upon me that it is possible to find calmness with success, and I can’t wait to read her book The Working Mom Manifesto.

Karen Walrond‘s eye for finding beauty everywhere was a reminder that being different is a blessing,

Marci Fair brought us to tears reminding us that the time we have with our children is momentary at best, and her book Tilt offers 7 Solutions To Be A Guilt-Free Working Mom.

And Bridget Dunlap just plain kicked ASS! Her fiery, unstoppable spirit impressed and motivated so many of us to never give up, that failing is succeeding, and that NO ONE tells her she can’t do something! After opening several bars on Rainy Street and now venturing into her first restaurant, Mettle, no one can argue that fact!

What I took away the most from MomCom 2014 was that I wasn’t alone. That the stories of these women’s lives, and the women I met there, all sound like me in one way or another – the fears, the heartache, the struggles, the guilt, the dreams, hope and fearless spirit to pursue our passions. Our desire for our lives and our dreams to live in harmony.

Our Hostesses - Lauren and Claire - singing a hilarious goodbye song :)

Our Hostesses – Lauren and Claire – singing a hilarious goodbye song :)

I am definitely going next year.  I will be reading Heather’s and Marci’s books and following Bridget to hear she has finished HER book so I can run out and buy it right away – tell your husband we said “Thank You!”, Bridget!  We can’t wait to hear what you have to say!

I will be following ALL the women I heard speak and those women I exchanged cards with.  All phenomenal, all inspiring, and wow, what an amazing supportive group of ladies!

Finally, I am going to end with my favorite quote that I heard while there. It is commonly misattributed to Betty White, but credit should go to Sheng Wang:

“Why do people say “grow some balls”? Balls are weak and sensitive. If you wanna be tough, grow a vagina. Those things can take a pounding.”

Peace and Love, Ladies!

2 comments on “My MTO At MomCom 2014!

  1. Shelley on said:

    I was there, too and am still buzzing with energy from the experience. Already looking forward to next year!

    • Hey there fellow MomCom-er! :) It really was very inspiring all the way around. I hope you were one I got to exchange business cards with? You were a scholarship winner, too, for MomCom, weren’t you? Congrats to you! I read your interview, very interesting and inspiring! And I see we have a few things in common for sure!

      We’re so glad to have you here in our community!

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