MTO Guideline: Think About Why You’re There

Think About Why You’re There:  It’s as much for your family as it is for you.  Take care of yourself so you have the physical, emotional and mental strength to take care of them.

My very first MTO I remember going to the mall and walking aimlessly around, not knowing what to do with myself. I was so tired physically and mentally and just getting out of the house that day was difficult.

As time went by and I got out as often as possible I began to see things more clearly.  I realized my MTO was as much for my family as it was for me.  I needed to take care of me – physically, emotionally and mentally – so that I could take better care of them.

If I am not taking care of myself, my family will suffer because I am not in balance. Physically on my MTO I will try and work out a couple times a week and try and go to bed at a decent time.  If I am feeling really emotional I will call my sisters or a friend and just vent any feelings I am having.  Mentally I will try and mediate early in the morning before my household is up and prepare myself for the day.

Every Sunday night I plan my week and let my children know what is on the schedule. Doing this has balanced my children and me because we have an established routine and everyone knows what to expect for the week.

2 comments on “MTO Guideline: Think About Why You’re There

  1. I think you’re right…sometimes we have to “pratice” taking timeouts before we really get the true benefit of them. It takes focus, practice and willingness to adapt to something new, allowing ourselves to fully benefit from this precious time.

    Planning for yourself and family and including you family at the beginning of the week is brilliant. Then, when an event comes near, the child has already been put on notice that it will occur and can adjust more easily. What wonderful habits you are instilling in your children. They will grow up organized about their weeks and not give it another thought…it will be second nature to them.

    My hats off to you!

    • Well said, Jeannette! And you bring up a great point that it’s a great lesson for our children, too, to look ahead to schedule their days and weeks, by watching us moms do it first! Thanks so much for your comments!

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