MTO Guideline: Stay There!

Here’s another suggested guideline for making sure you get the most out of your Mommy Time-Out:

STAY There!  Don’t cheat yourself.  You have already set a specific amount of time aside for yourself, so stick with it.

As mothers we tend to not be true to ourselves because we have that mother instinct that our children need us.  Well, I am here to tell it is true, they do need us – but only to a degree.

As much as we need a break from our children they need it from us. Our children need to be independent.  I am the first to tell you I am guilty of this.  I hover over my children and my children are old enough to say I need to give them their space.  One of my first MTO’s I was only gone for 15 minutes and came home.  My babysitter laughed at me because I was not gone for a very long time.

The next time I took my MTO it was a bit longer and then every subsequent one became longer and longer.  I realized I was cheating myself the whole time.  I trusted my babysitter, my children were not crying for me and they were having a great time. I  now set a specific amount of time aside and stick to it.

What about you?  How long are your Mommy Time-Outs?

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