MTO Guideline: Set a Timer

Here’s another one of our “Mommy Time-Out Guidelines” we like to suggest:

Set A Timer: Set no less than a half hour aside, more if you can, depending on what you plan to do that day.  Schedule it at least a day or more ahead of time so you can not only arrange for the sitter, but be both mentally and emotionally prepared for the “me-time” to follow.

I always know exactly the time I plan to be gone on my MTO.  I can’t say it was always like that, though.

In the beginning, I started with half an hour and spent most of that time feeling guilty for being gone that long from my children.  I then started to plan my MTO a few days in advanced so that I would be mentally and emotionally ready.  It also helped me stay respectful of my babysitter’s time by planning it beforehand. And I especially appreciate the support group we created among family and friends because we each give the other plenty of time.

My MTO now consists of 2 hours minimum.  I know that I need at least that time to return renewed and ready to take up the mommy role again.

It might be less for you, or more, but whatever time you can set aside every week, realize that a good part of the time in the beginning is spent unwinding and settling in to your “me-time”.  That’s why we suggest a minimum of 30 minutes to really make a difference, with the goal of having longer ones as you get used to your Time-Outs.

We’d love to hear from you!  How long are your Mommy Time-Outs?  How long does it take before you stop feeling guilty or worrying about your children and start relaxing and getting in to your “me-time”?

2 comments on “MTO Guideline: Set a Timer

  1. You guys are the best! 30-minutes min…I hear that. It takes me that long to unwind! I think it’s great to plan it, too, as a non-negotiable time commitment. So many times we get near the time for us and we think we’ll be better off to scratch it and keep going on that project or that call we need to make and just haven’t found time for yet. Ah, that’s our paradigm talking – keeping us fried and frantic so it can stay in control. Hats off to you, Ladies. You rock!

    • Thanks Jeannette! You’ll also see, as we go through the rest of the guidelines, a few more center around the importance of the time we spend on our Mommy Time-Outs. You are SO correct in that it is very easy for us to cheat ourselves of the amount of time we spend on ourselves – sometimes not giving ourselves any time at all! We always love hearing from you!

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