MTO Guideline: Make The Best Of It

Make The Best Of It!  Block everything and everyone out of your mind except the activity you have planned – and savor every moment!

There was a definite learning curve when I first started taking my Mommy Time-Outs.  I was not making the best of my Time-Out because I was too busy either thinking about what I should/could be doing for the household instead, or what task needed to be done the following day, or basically guilty for taking so much “me-time.”  As a result, many times I would return to my family not rested because I did not enjoy myself the way I should have.

It took a while before I was able to put my mind at ease and train myself to just think of what I needed during my MTO.  Since then, my MTO’s have been successful because I block everything and everyone out of my mind except the activity I have planned. I also savor every moment as if it is going to be my last MTO.  Having this mind set has helped me feel relaxed mentally and physically, and I can now say I definitely make the best of my Mommy Time-Out!

What about you? Is it difficult for you to relax and enjoy your MTO? Why?

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