MTO Guideline: Justify Your Actions

In our ongoing look at our suggested Mommy Time-Out Guidelines, here’s another one to think about:

Justify Your Actions:  Keep reminding yourself that you have earned this Time-Out.  Enjoy every minute – you so deserve it!

As a mother of two girls, I reward my children by taking them to gymnastics or buying them gifts because they have done well in school or have received awards.  It’s important to me to let them know I am proud of them and feel the love I have for them.

And yet, when it comes to rewarding myself, all that logic goes out the window.  It has been difficult for me to take care of me because it comes so naturally to feel that I do not deserve it.  It was the biggest challenge for me to accept doing something for myself.  So I began to analyze all that I do to keep my household going.

As a single mom, I go to work, pay the bills, do the laundry, drive to school and back, take my girls to soccer, swimming and birthday parties.  All this in addition to keeping the household in order and running smoothly.

This was my eye opener because I saw that in spending so much time and energy meeting their needs, I had neglected myself and the desires of my heart.  And as a result, I was not being the fully present, centered and calm mother I could be.

I am proud to say I take my MTO 1-3 times a week, but not without doing some headwork first.  I may have to constantly remind myself I have earned my MTO, but it gets me on my MTO and I make it a point to enjoy every minute of it, because I deserve it – and so do you!

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