MTO Guideline: Be Consistent

As we continue our Guidelines To A Successful Mommy Time-Out, here is one that, while it seems obvious, is easy to forget:

Be Consistent:  Take a Time-Out one to two times a week.  They don’t all have to be two hours long, but they should occur consistently.

Consistency is something I struggled with from the very beginning, and I still tend to fall into it once in a while.  My goal is to have my MTO’s two to three times a week, but I don’t always accomplish that.  There always seems to be something more important to do, and to arrange sitters, make plans, etc., sometimes I just don’t want the extra things on my “To Do” list.

But then I realized something very important.  My MTO’s don’t have to be two or three hours long, or complicated, or happen away from home; they don’t even need to cost money.  Sure, I can go to the movies with a friend that week, but then take a half hour bubble bath after the kids go to sleep, or watch a half hour TV show, or chat with a friend on the phone for my other MTOs.  These all constitute a good and healthy Mommy Time-Out!

Just know that getting the consistency down is a process that will take some time, so be kind to yourself.  Having at least one MTO in a week is highly recommended, and if you can take more Time-Outs in a week, that’s even better for you (and your family).

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