More Important Than You

I am far from perfect when it comes to taking my own Mommy Time-Out.  As a matter of fact, I was gently challenged by two dear women I greatly respect that it is possible the reason I took so long in accomplishing what I needed to do to launch this MTO blog, is that there is a part of me that doesn’t fully get behind the idea of me taking a Mommy Time-Out.

Once I got over the initial shock, I realized there was some truth in what they were saying.  It’s much easier for me to tell you to take a Time-Out than it is for me to take one for myself.  So I had to stop and ask myself why that is, and this is what I realized.

There always seems to be something more important that has to be done, or paid for, than me sitting quietly for an hour or paying $40 for a pedicure.

Which basically translates into me putting myself last.

Everyone else’s needs must be met before mine can be.  And what are the possibilities of everyone else’s needs being met all at once to afford me that opportunity?  Right, none.

So don’t wait for that perfect moment, because it will never come.

Also, ironically, by putting yourself first, you are in effect putting your family first. Yes, you get the shiny new painted toes, or delicious scoop of ice cream, but when you return home, refreshed, present and balanced, who really wins in the end?  That’s right, your entire family!

Taking a Mommy Time-Out is much more difficult to do than it is to say.  So please know that every time I am encouraging you, challenging you, or reminding you to take care of yourself, I’m directing it at myself as well.

So let’s do this together.  Let us hear from you – your ideas, challenges and stories about your own Time-Outs (or attempts at them!)  I have no doubt we can all help each other be more balanced and present for our loved ones, one Time-Out at a time!

2 comments on “More Important Than You

  1. Ladies: Well put! Until we learn to truly love ourselves, it is always so much easier to put others first and to sacrifice ourselves. But, what is that truly? It is martyrdom. And, it is not what God intended for us. I like the idea of at least thinking or dreaming of our MTO, if one is not able to execute. However, I would also challenge each one of us to instead ask ourselves, “What is one thing I can do today that will bring me one step closer to that MTO?” and then make the commitment to do it. It could be a call to set up an appointment or going online to see how much an MTO activity might cost or look up contact information. Just take one step closer. Taking action is extremely important in fulfilling our dreams (even little valuable dreams like MTOs). Dreams without action are just self deceptions. Put your action in alignment with your dream MTO and then you can dream in anticipation of how wonderful it WILL be when it gets here because your action is making it reality!

    • Very eloquently said, Jeannette! Commitment is key. And we know we CAN commit because we do so every day with our children, our spouse, our extended family & friends. So why not ourselves to boot? I love how actionable your suggestions are! Thank you!

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