Mommy Time-Out With Your Spouse

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Do you remember when you first met your spouse? You could not stop thinking of him and how wonderful he made you feel. The time you spent with each other before you had your children was both exciting and wonderful.

Now your lives have become extremely busy, you barely have time to think about going on a date. You are too tired to plan it and the thought of going out after 8 p.m. makes you cringe.  Yet a Mommy Time-Out for both of you is essential.

You and your spouse are the core of the family. If you are not unified, your family will suffer in the long run. So grab your calendar, set a day and a few hours aside, then call the baby sitter! Better yet, your husband can plan it if you are too overwhelmed or too busy running the household.

Finding a great place to reconnect can initially be more challenging than you may think, mostly because you are both out of practice.  You may not know (or remember) the best jazz clubs, restaurants or parks to go to, so it’s like starting from scratch.  I learned that for me going to the movies didn’t work because we couldn’t talk and interact as well as if we went to a restaurant, coffee shop or a long walk.

For me, my favorite place for a date with my fiancé is going to a coffee shop where it is nice and quiet. We are able to talk without loud noises or constantly being interrupted while having a conversation. Of course, they don’t all have to be at a coffee shop. It all depends on what you and your husband like to do.

Wherever you end up going, be sure to reconnect with your spouse and share with him how you are feeling.  By telling him the things that are weighing heavy on your heart, you are giving him an opportunity to help you, or at the very least understand where you are coming from. Maybe you need him to do more around the house or you need him to help with driving the children to their after school activities. Also, take this time to get to know him better.  What is he going through?  Are there any concerns he has?

Enjoy getting to know each other over and over again so make it a point to set up your next date. Try to be consistent and go on a date at least twice a month, if you can swing it.

It’s important that you keep that spark in your marriage, not just for your sake and your spouse’s, but your children as well.  They will see the connection you both have with each other and in return it will make them feel secure and loved because they see the love and unity between the both of you.

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