Makeover At Mommy Time-Out

Hello to all of our Mommy Time-Outers!

Feli and I are excited to tell you that we will be changing things up a bit over here in the next few months.

Our blog articles will still have a tinge of our personal experiences of being a mom, but we will now be adding content that will help guide you through and support you in taking better care of yourself.

There are three specific areas we will be expanding upon: Cornerstone Content, Scientific Research and Professional Authority.

It’s one thing for you to know that WE know how difficult it is to be a Super Mom (impossible, actually). Now it’s time we share with you what we have learned, through trial and error and trial again.  A Step-By-Step guide, if you will, on taking and having a successful, weekly Mommy Time-Out.


There are so many obstacles and negative thinking, misconceptions and financial constraints, internal battles and external influences that keep us moms from taking care of ourselves on a regular basis.

Well, we want to start addressing these things head on, as well as some outright push back from moms and non-moms alike that don’t ‘get’ why we believe that taking a weekly Mommy Time-Out is SO important for the health and well-being of mom AND her family.

It’s a matter of education and awareness, of research and studies that support our assertions, of observations and comments from you the reader and the experts we will interview.

Then, to present all of this information to you in one place, taken together to create a community, a place where moms can go for guidance and support.

Some of the articles will include taking a look at some of the Mother Myths that are out there and the Mom Truths they overshadow, who benefits from Mommy taking a Time-Out (hint, it’s not just mommy!), and an Introductory Course on How and Why you should take a Mommy Time-Out.

Library Building

Over the next few months, will be building a library of materials for all of you to have FREE access to (you’ll just need to give us your email address – really, that’s it!) on the why’s, where’s and how’s of the successful Mommy Time-Out.


IN ADDITION, we will be interviewing experts in the field of Family, Child and Individual Therapy and Psychology, as well as  medical doctors, all of whom support what we have been telling you over the last two years – the importance – nay, the NECESSITY – of mom taking care of herself first so she can better take care of those that depend on her.

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