Love Your Friends

My dear friend Nora and I at our latest Mommy Time-Out

Over the years, I have come to realize that my girlfriends are the people I need greatly in my life because they keep me sane and they remain a constant when not much else does. I am able to talk to them about anything, they do not judge me and are very sympathetic to my feelings and struggles. And I give back to them the same way.  True friends will stick close to you no matter how deep in despair or how high in life you are.  They will celebrate with you in times of happiness and cry with you in times of sorrow.

I recently found out that my best friend, a single mother with a nine year old daughter, was diagnosed  with breast cancer.  My heart was broken and in disbelief.  It hit me how cancer does not discriminate from ethnicity, age or financial status. What is amazing about her is that she continues to give and listen to me no matter how depressed or sick she gets from her chemo treatments.  She is an amazing woman and selfless for giving me so much love and compassion.

Without our girlfriends life would not be the same. So this month, love your friends and let them know how much you appreciate them with all your heart.  For your Mommy Time-Out, meet them for lunch, have coffee or just phone them and tell them you love them and think of them often even though you don’t call them as much as you should.

They will feel loved, and because they are a big part of keeping you mentally, spiritually and physically balanced so you can be more available to your family…  Well, needless to say, you will both benefit greatly!

What do you like to do with your friends on your MTO’s?

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