Just Say ‘Yes!”

Image courtesy of photostock at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of photostock at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

I had one of the best Mommy Time-Outs last weekend than I’ve had in a looong time!  It was so refreshing!

Quite simply, my husband and I went to a party at our neighbors’ house.  My mom came over to watch the girls, and even made plans to stay the night so we didn’t have to rush home.

My husband is a former Marine and our neighbor is one as well, and he was throwing his first annual Marine Birthday Ball.  It was evening casual wear, versus the norm of jeans out here in Texas.  I happily dressed up in black slacks and high-heeled boots (I happen to know my husband loves it when I wear them J) and we had an excellent night out with literally no planning on our part – we just had to show up and have fun!

There was great conversation around a chiminea and lots of delicious food and drinks.  I enjoyed getting tipsy, no guilt, no fret.  I was right next door so no driving was involved. And if there was an emergency I was minutes away.  I was able to relax and enjoy myself.  We stayed out until 2 a.m.!

I realized at the end of the night that I hadn’t let myself go like that since before my oldest was born.  The effects of that night (not the alcohol!) lasted the entire week!  I felt relaxed, more patient, and didn’t have that ever-present feeling of being jilted out of more youthful pursuits – like a good party once in a while!

Now, I know we have encouraged saying ‘no’ when people ask you to give your time and energy when you have nothing left to give, but this is a time when we want you to say “yes!”  This “yes” is for you and your commitment to take consistent and effective MTO’s.  When your friends, family and neighbors invite you out, fight the knee-jerk reaction to say ‘no’ because you are out of practice on going out and just say ‘yes’.  The rest of the pieces will all fall into place and you will be glad you did!

Tell us about your holiday party MTO’s – and enjoy yourself!

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