Inspiring Your Mommy Time-Out


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What – or who – motivates you to take time for yourself?  We’ve discussed getting behind the idea of taking time for yourself.  Once you understand the importance of taking a Mommy Time-Out and agreeing to make it a priority in your life, you then have to take that first step to make the Time-Out happen.

Proper motivation – or inspiration – will help you take that first step, so what is yours?  Is it your children?  Or maybe your sanity?  Your health?  Your overall happiness?  All of these are excellent sources of inspiration.  If you stop long enough to figure out what yours is, you are all the more likely to take your MTO.

Your inspiration is the life saver you throw to yourself when you are drowning in guilt.  It is your strength to say “no” to other things so you have time on your schedule for your me-time.  Your inspiration is your war cry when you forget and don’t believe you need or should take time for yourself.  Your inspiration will get you through to the other side, where you are actually on your MTO, reconnecting with yourself, de-stressing, and re-centering.

Which one fits you?  Is it one more than the others? Or all?  Maybe it depends on what is going on in your life at the time, it changes as things around you change. Or maybe it is one that isn’t listed?

Your inspiration. Let’s discover it together.

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