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As we work on our survey, we wanted to share an old posting with you from Feli that we feel is worth repeating. It’s one of our Mommy Time-Out Guidelines “Don’t Expect Miracles”.


Image courtesy of photostock at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of photostock at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Don’t Expect Miracles:  Like anything worthwhile, it’s a process.  Make it a part of your lifestyle instead of an “extra” thing you do for yourself.  The rewards may take time or they may be immediate – but either way, they will happen.

I am a person that needs to see results right away otherwise I get very impatient. Fast food restaurants, microwaves, the internet and electronics at my disposal have all spoiled me.  I used to think, so if I have one MTO, then I should be well-balanced for weeks, right?


The key to reaping the rewards of Mommy Time-Outs is consistency.   Having regular MTOs should become part of our lifestyle and not just an “extra” thing we do here and there, otherwise, we will never feel the full, relaxing, balancing effects of having a Mommy Time-Out.  It’s the difference between, say, going on a diet and changing our eating habits altogether.  One is temporary, and inevitably leads us back to where we started, if not further back.  While the other becomes a part of who we are, an expectation in our routine, like brushing our teeth or going to bed at night.  It’s just something we do to further our good health, mentally and physically.

My health and the health of my family are important so I cannot rush through or skip my MTO’s and expect to be thoroughly refreshed and balanced after only one or two Time-Outs.  Like anything worthwhile, it’s a process.

So let’s set the goal to make Mommy Time-Outs a regular, consistent part of our lifestyle and realize that the benefits may not be immediate, but with consistency and persistence on our part, they are inevitable!

Do you have trouble making MTO’s a regular part of your routine?

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