Enjoy Pre-School

My sisters told me once that I would be so happy when my daughters start pre-school.  I thought they were insensitive for saying that.  Just the thought of my children going off, alone and independent, scared me.  What would they do without me?  All the “what if’s” came rushinBench Relax RGB copyg into my mind until the day I suddenly had four hours to myself.  No longer did I have to fit a Mommy Time-Out during nap time or a chance visit by family.  I  realized I now had time to do the things I wanted to do without little ones tugging at me or crying for my attention. I was able to take an online class once a week. I met with friends for lunch, and practiced yoga.  I loved every minute of those four hours because I knew how much I needed to take care of me and get back to doing those very things I did before I became a mother.

My sisters remind me once in a while of the look of shock on my face when they first told me how happy I would be to get my MTOs once the girls were in pre-school. I thought it was insensitive of them to suggest I would be happy my children were away from me so I could selfishly do things for myself.  But what no one told me was that it is NOT selfish at all.  It is for my own good, and the good of my children, that I have my Mommy Time-Outs and get back to who I was before diapers and bottles.

To this day, I appreciate my Mommy Time-Outs more then ever.  And then, as now, my daughters love school. They are able to develop socially and independently, make and keep friends, and discover oh so many interests and hobbies.  And you know what?  So am I!

What are your children doing when you are on your Mommy Time-Out?

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