Confessions of a Guilt-Ridden Mommy

Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici /

Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici /

My two youngest are about to start daycare and preschool, respectively, in about a week.  It’s just twice a week, but those two days will be 5-7 hours of ZERO kids in the house!

I’m not doing it just for Mommy Time-Outs, mind you.  I have a job now that I didn’t before, and though I work from home, it’s a job that requires my undivided attention for ‘x’ hours per day, five days per week. I’ve tried to balance doing it with them in the house, but it’s just not working for me.  Even with my mom helping out, she can’t always be there when I need her to be – she’s got her own things going, she gets sick, the roads get icy, the list goes on.  I just need something more reliable and regular that I can plan my work days around.

My middle girl, Keira, who is now 4 years old, can not WAIT to go to “school”, so I am happy for her, though such long days away on her own…we’ll see how long that excitement lasts.  Then there’s my baby.  Just over one, she would be in daycare for the same two days, and at the same preschool.  All very convenient, and again, she’ll be around little ones her age so is likely to have more fun than with boring ol’ mommy day in and day out.

Yet with all of this, I find myself conflicted and the guilt I feel is overwhelming sometimes.

So, okay, it’s a necessity, and yes, there will be days I can have an uninterrupted Mommy Time-Out, but that mom guilt still kicks in, no matter how logical all the facts are.  For a job!! So you can imagine the guilt that goes with  taking a Mommy Time-Out!

It’s one of those moments where I just have to close my eyes and step forward.  And really, it doesn’t have to be forever. As a matter of fact, come summer, all the kids will be home.  Crazy. I’m tripping over  3 1/2 months out of their lives!

Thanks for ‘listening’! I think I just talked myself through this. I love our Mommy Time-Out Community!

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